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2004-07-21 19:27 - Web

As I mentioned previously, my home server is dead. Bad hard drive, then I got a replacement and realized I had only one SATA cable and I'm still waiting to perform some data recovery drive-to-drive.

So what's that mean? I can't get mail to my regular server. Luckily, I've been using a email forwarder for some time. All I had to do was point that to my yahoo mailbox instead of the one I (usually) host. Yahoo's spam filter is quite strong, but I've now found out that it hates slashdot. I get daily digests and they all end up in the spam box.

Enter Fastmail. Wow I'm impressed. They've got a custom interface with lots of power options. Definetly best of all is that they have free IMAP access! Through their web interface, you can set any email as your from address (great for me with my redirector). And, it's free. For a 10mb quota, and 40mb bandwidth per month. Paid options available for more, with more features. And no ads even for the free accounts! The only drawback, minor in my opinion, is the bandwidth limit. It's like a quota you can't empty out, messages aren't delivered once you hit that limit. It's quite reasonable though, for a great service. I am very happy so far!


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