Hover Pseudoclass For Anything in IE

2005-07-16 13:12 - Web

This is not my original work, but I wanted to make very sure I never lost it. Klaus Hartl posted this to the css-d discussion list on July 10th:

Hi all,

this may be of some interest here... I found a way to easily implement
whatever:hover using Dynamic Properties. Here's an example of the code:

..whatever {
     background: #808080;
..whatever:hover, .whateverhover {
     background: #eaeaea;

..whatever {
     background-color: expression(this.runtimeStyle.backgroundColor,
this.onmouseover = function() { this.className += ' whateverhover'; },
this.onmouseout = function() { this.className =
this.className.replace('whateverhover', ''); });

It looks odd, but it works!

Here's a demo page:
....and a blog entry of mine about all this:

Happy Coding,


This is rather exciting. IE's total lack of support for things like :hover and min-width and so forth can now be made to function much better!


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