How Big Is Google Search?

2008-09-16 17:06 - Web

I'm a web developer by trade, and a computer geek by avocation. I keep up to date on all sorts of things about the internet. One of the big shaping factors of the internet is search engines. For most users, search engines are the gateway to the entire internet.

Google's a big company, and they're very famous for their search. By all accounts, they're #1 in that space. But by how much? Comscore gives the big G 61%, with second place at 20%. Hitwise puts it at 71%, with second at 18%. Finally, Net Applications gives a whopping 79%, with second place down at 11%. In all cases, Yahoo is in that second place spot.

For my little corner of the web though, none of them quite get it right. Measured with Google Analytics, Vice Stats, and AWStats, the numbers are very different:

Bar graph of search market share

For visitors to my site, Google is the number one search referral by far, with an average of 95% of the search traffic. "Other" averages out to 2.55%, in second place, and Yahoo averages only 1.09%, a truly distant third. Other is really an unfair second place, dozens of little sites end up in there. So Yahoo is still in second, but barely.


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