On Bing and Google

2009-06-17 22:00 - Web

So surely by now you've heard, Microsoft has released a new search engine called Bing. They're even running commercials on TV. The blogosphere has been alight. But does it matter even one iota?

This is data for arantius.com, from Google Analytics. Notice the logarithmic scale! I had to do this, or else everything but Google was mashed into the same six pixels at the bottom of the graph. So Google referrals hover over 10k per day. The next highest value per day is 250. Most hover in the 100-200 per day range, with the three separate bits of Microsoft reaching nearly down to single digits.

Microsoft is showing distinct growth since the release of Bing, going overall from 62/day to 249/day, or about four-fold growth. But this (linear) rate of growth would need to be sustained for two years to begin to match where Google is today.

So what's the fuss?


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