Orkut - Slow, Buggy

2004-09-02 20:51 - Web

So, "social network" sites have gotten rather popular recently. The concept is basically a place to meet people online, and grow friend networks by finding similar interests, and friends of friends, and so on. One of these sites is Orkut. Orkut is affiliated with Google, the person who made it is employed by Google. I had high hopes.

Too high hopes. Their servers are very very slow. I have strong suspicions that's mostly because the site is written in *gag* ASP.NET. Of course, they have a lot of users too. No kidding:

Orkut .. bugs anyone?

Yeah, so I invite a real life friend to the site, and once they get in, boom look at my network of friends!! And they want me to find more, hehe. The thing seems nice overall, but it's got uh .. problems.


2009-03-20 04:20 - a

Orkut has put on considerable weight since its launch. Now its a fat sloth that goes against Google's lean ideals.

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