Orkut Again

2004-09-09 10:58 - Web

So yeah, a few days ago I complained about Orkut. More recently the servers have been a bit better, or just a bit less busy, and the site is usable, if not fast. It's given me a chance to look at it more.

It still says over a million and a half people are connected to me. I think that's silly. Sure, technically Orkut might have that many users, and I might be "connected" to them, but I'd find it much more useful to have that be a number of users that I am connected to via a friends network, or friend-of-a-friend kind of thing. Which would be 3, counting myself at this point ;-)

Besides that, I'm rather enjoying the "communities" they have. Like I said, it's basically a big message board, with fancy user profiles. But, the boards seem to be much more civil than those you usually find online. I think, being a "social network," it loses the anonymity that so often brings people to the absurd levels they so often do. People are more responsible for what they say. It's nice.


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