Quintissential Wrongness: Javascript

2007-01-16 14:45 - Web

I dislike Microsoft for a lot of their products. I'm forced to use Outlook now at work, and it's a serious pain. Unusually, MS has written the best debugging HTTP proxy I know of: Fiddler. I was struggling to get something advanced I wanted done, so when I discovered the support group, I figured I'd join it. I was forced to sign in with an MS "Passport" for the "MSN Group" and then continue setting up details. My desired username was taken (I suspect, hope, by me earlier and I can reclaim it). There was a form to choose another, and beside it, a "cancel" link. What is completely absurd is the HTML code of that link (formatted for readability by me):

<a title="Cancel creating this group" class="LargeCommand"

What, what what? A link, to javascript, to do nothing besides set "document.location" to a string constant? Who did that? Fess up!


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